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6 Ways to Overcome Neck Pain Due to Too Long in Front of a Computer

For those of you who daily work at a computer for a long time, neck pain may be familiar. This condition can certainly interfere with comfort. Come on, find out how to overcome and prevent what you can do. Neck pain due to prolonged stay in front of the computer is usually triggered by poor posture, lack of active movement in the neck muscles, stress, errors when moving the neck, or an injury to the neck muscles. Various Ways to Overcome Neck Pain There are several ways you can do to deal with neck pain, namely: 1. Adjust the sitting position The first thing you can do to deal with neck pain is to adjust the sitting position while working. Your seat distance from the computer must not be too far or too close. Keep the distance of the eye with a computer screen of approximately one arm. 2. Stretch the neck muscles Stacking work is no reason to focus too much on the computer screen and not stretch at all, you know. When working, once in a while you can stretch your neck muscles
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Arsenic Toxins, Not Intangible but Very Dangerous

Like cyanide poison, arsenic poison is a deadly poison. Difficult to detect because it has no smell, color, and has no taste when ingested makes arsenic poison very dangerous. If the poison enters the body, then someone can get poisoned. Arsenic itself is a chemical compound produced naturally in the earth's crust. This substance can be found naturally in water, air and soil. That is why arsenic is also found in several types of food, such as seafood, milk, to meat. Then, what is meant by arsenic poison? Arsenic poison is artificial arsenic or also called inorganic arsenic, which is generally used for mining purposes, including coal mining and copper smelting. This compound is also widely used in several industrial sectors, such as glass processing, textiles, paints, wood preservatives, to ammunition. In the agricultural industry sector, this compound is used as a mixture to make fertilizers and pesticides. Well, in this industrial area arsenic poison levels are thought to be

Really Deodorant Can Trigger Breast Cancer

For those of you who like to use deodorant, of course news about deodorant can trigger breast cancer causing anxiety. Is that true? Come on, find out the correct facts about it. The location of the armpits close to the breast raises the suspicion that chemical products used in this section can cause cell changes in the breast. One of them is deodorant. The content of certain substances in deodorants is feared to trigger breast cancer. Deodorant content that is suspected of causing cancer The material suspected of triggering breast cancer is an aluminum-based compound contained in several deodorant products. This material forms a temporary blockage in the sweat glands, thus stopping the flow of sweat on the surface of the skin. However, the absorption of this material by the skin is said to stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells. In addition to aluminum compounds, another element called parabens is also suspected to have a similar effect. In the packaging label, the listed p